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“Our Bodies Our Doctors is the rare film that honestly and accurately portrays the lives of abortion providers in the United States. The film shines a light on the compassion of these health care providers and the important service they provide to their patients every day.”
—Cecile Richards, former President of Planned Parenthood of America

“I had a chance to see a rough cut of Our Bodies Our Doctors and was deeply moved. The film is bold and  brave, not only for how the featured providers care for women but in the willingness of these professionals and many of their patients to bring the truth of abortion procedures onto the screen. Everyone should see this unique and inspiring film.”

—Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal, Washington State 7th District

“This film beautifully conveys the commitment and compassion of abortion providers who find deep meaning in their work, even as they face obstacles no other health professionals would endure.”

—Carole Joffe, Professor, Bixby Center, USFC

“This film feels nothing short of revolutionary. The experiences of abortion providers have for too long been left out of the pro-choice vs. pro-life debate, and presenting these doctors with honesty and compassion will have a profound impact on the discourse around abortion in this country.”

—Grayson Dempsey, Executive Director, NARAL ProChoice Oregon.

“I loved this film! Audiences will have a new way of seeing an old issue—a way that’s just not out there right now.”

—Erin Kenny, Professor of Anthropology and Director of Gender Studies, Missouri State University